Deck & Patio Services

We are professional deck and patio painters.

We have ONE question to ask homeowners: Do you enjoy using your deck during the warm summer months? Let us take care of protecting your deck from the sun and the elements. Our friendly team will take the care and time needed to prepare the surface of your deck and rails to ensure proper bonding. It is important to allow the stain strippers to be left on the surface long enough to break down old finisher before we rinse it off. Taking care to prevent over spray on non-target surfaces or plant life around your deck is essential, and then allowing time to dry fully before applying a high quality stain or paint.

Decks suffer from a variety of common problems caused by normal wear and tear. Wood becomes loose or cracked. Boards start to “give” too much, which can result in nasty trips. Handrails start to loosen. The support posts grow old. All of these issues are correctable, and Personal Touch 4U has the expertise to fix them correctly.

We will come to your home, examine your deck, and make the necessary repairs to ensure that your deck is ready for the spring and summer seasons. We can also clean stain or seal your deck. By starting right away, we won’t waste your time, and you won’t have to call multiple contractors for a single project.

When decks are beyond repair, we will most likely recommend replacement. When this is the case you can trust our professional home repair contractors who specialize in deck installation.

Have our qualified painters change the way you feel about your home!


Exterior House Painting Service Include

  • Deck Stripping
  • Deck Staining
  • Deck Painting
  • Deck Pressure Washing and Cleaning
  • Complete Job Cleanup


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